04. How to use the powerful Condition node in Xpresso

By November 13, 2014Free tutorials

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  • Rob says:

    Just came across this website for the first time. I think you explain things really well, but it seems you haven’t done anymore Xpresso Node tutorials like you said you would. If you made a tutorial series on Xpresso, I would definitely be interested. Unfortunately, I know nothing about Xpresso, but was able to follow this tutorial nicely, since you explained everything so well. So maybe, a quick overview of the basics of Xpresso would be helpful to start out with. Also, seems you do a lot of tutorials on different render engines. I do appreciate those tuts as well, but it would be nice if you did just regular Cinema 4D tutorials, where your preference on render engines didn’t matter. I (and a lot of other people, I’m sure) am craving some new Cinema 4D tutorials. The internet has gotten quite stale when it comes to C4D. I know I love project based tutorials and things of that nature. Anyway .. Those are just my two cents. Thanks for helping me learn!

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