15. Integrating HDR Images and 3d models in VrayForC4d and Cinema 4d

By November 23, 2014Free tutorials
VrayForC4d hdri integration

In this tutorial we learn how to integrate our 3d models into HDR images both in Vrayforc4d and Cinema 4d , we cover a lot of valuable techniques to make sure we have a perfect seamless integration between our 3d models and HDR Images .

OK Here is the  vrayforc4d render  :

Untitled 3 v2 POST

the focus of this tutorial for most of it is on Vrayforc4d and we talk briefly about the same process in  Cinema 4d  , here is the cinema 4d render , OK the native C4D Render is much more simpler and I just used a simple sphere but the process is the same and you can use more complex models instead of this simple sphere and the result would be the same .

Untitled 3 POST

Watch the tutorial :

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